Doubting in my self a lot !!!

by Safae

Well , I'm 16 Ive been dealing with panic attacks for 3 Years and I Hate it ! I really hate it ! Im an Art Student ,I have bac this Year And Im really scared that am gonna have a panic attack in class or in the workshop ... My Panic attacks are so BAD ! I Can't Sleep at night , i get those frightning unreality feelings all night and All Day ! Those unreality feelings make me doubt My self a LOT ! cause they are soo bad i feel i don't know who Iam , looking at my self in a mirror and its like i see another Girl...Ive been searching a lot in google about panic atttacks and how to end but there's no result .. i can calm them down sometimes but , again , i feel them ! Its driving me Nuts ! and i have a lot of dreams i want them to become true when i grow up ... but i feel like I won't do nothing in my life just because of these feelings of unreality and panic attacks I really need help , Im lost !

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Nov 13, 2014
I hate feeling like this!
by: Anonymous

I just read Your article. I am 18 years old and I have been suffering from panic and anxiety attacks since I was probably like 13? I know how it feels to have this it's a horrible thing. I too get the depersonalization feeling and it has lasted for almost a year! I always feel so sick like I'm literally dying or something. I feel like I have cancer or some type of horrible thing wrong with me. Its an every day thing just about and no one understands the way that I feel because they don't have this disorder. Mine started getting really bad after being so stressed all the time and having boyfriend trouble, then I had a miscarriage to top it all off a few months went by then in December i just woke up with that unreal feeling and I was unintrested in things I haven't felt like myself since and I'm still trying to over come this its so hard. Do don't google things because its the worst thing a person with panic and anxiety can do. It'll make thing so much worse. I missed so much school last year towards the end because of what ever is going on with myself and went to the hospital like 5 times and called an ambulance to come and get me because they're so bad. I refuse take any medicine. I guess I'm just suffering and worrying myself until I can hopefully overcome this horrible disorder.

Oct 11, 2015
I know but ...
by: shariq ullah khan

I know it is most worst feeling one can have ... i have been suffering from Panic disorder when i was about 20. now i am 26 and a half it has just revealed a year ago! that i am suffering From Panic disorder and Bipolar syndrome ! but try to find an experienced Psychiatrist and don't think that you are going to die !or it will never end ... every thing has it's own end and Panic attacks do have. best of luck.. never lose hope!

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