Disappointed customer

I was given the Inner Health studio, Guided Relaxation Scripts cd as a gift. I can not even listen to it on a cd player. Only through the computer. How am I supposed to relax if I cant even play it while taking a bath. I told my mother who bought me the cd and she agrees. I will not be using your product in the future since it defeats the entire purpose to relax. I am more stressed out trying to play this stupid cd.

I'm sorry to hear that the CD does not play on your player. Some older CD players do not play this type of CD, which is made by Createspace (owned by Amazon). I do not burn the CDs myself, so unfortunately I am not able to offer you a different format of CD.

Please contact me via the contact form on my site or by email and I will arrange to provide a refund.

If your CD player is not more than 10 years old, perhaps the CD itself has a defect. If this is the case, please let me know and I will exchange the CD and contact Createspace to ensure that future CDs do not have this same problem.

Thank you for letting me know there is a problem with playing the CD, and sorry for the frustration.



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Mar 17, 2011
Notice to disappointed customer
by: Anonymous

How rude and unfairly you have treated Candi from Inner Health studios.If you could be bothered to go onto the website and look around you would notice the quality and generosity Candi delivers. perhaps you might like to especially take notice of the anger management worksheets and then,tips to relax and relaxation therapy might be more what you need. Good luck! I only hope mum isn't too disappointed,after all she was also trying to help you. Take a deep breath and stop your complaining.
I actually highly recommend the works from this website.It's a great service to the community at large.

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