Disability without meds

I moved from Mi to Arizona. 4 people that i lived with all died in about 4 5 weeks. When I got to AZ Drs took my klonopin away an 900 mg seraquil. Anyway the worst was being 2200 miles away from home an hearing that people in prison are not getting there meds. It like they want me to screw up or hurt someone or myself before they will help. They don't realize my whole life as recovering heroin addict. Lost over 40-45 people an can't grieve, for 3 yrs i tried using weed with a script made it worse. Anyway they worst I've had it is we're I'll start puking an pass out an have seizure. An then they wonder why so many people kill each other. Drs give you drugs to band aid the symptom not a cure so after 5 yrs of meds they make it worse. I been in AZ for 4 yrsan only left my house for groceries in fear I'll hurt someone or myself. Chest pain , can't catch my breath scaring me even more. Then I'll start poring sweat an puke. Sometimes I pass out like my body an mind are out of sync. It's like having a acid flashback an being afraid of everything paraliziing. So I'm hiring a lawyer I'm eyeing the Drs an the state an anyone else who stopped me from my meds. Cause on disability it your human right to have your meds.

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