Crippling my life

by Jb

I usually get panic attacks every now and again. And now I've gotten severe panic attacks the past week. My first panic attack was when I was 14, I had gotten into a minor car accident and came out of the hospital. I got really dizzy for no reasons, and my vision went black. I honestly though I was fading away or going blind. I never thought about it as anything serious then.
My second panic attack was stupid. I got worked up over the most dumbest thing. My mom was burning a mosquito candle and I though it was a regular candle for some dumb reason and cooked a few marshmallows over it and ate it. I then saw a big warning label about ingesting it. I got freaked out and ever since then I've had them at least once a week. Lately I have been having them almost every night. They are severe, I feel as if I'm losing touch with myself. I stay up late with panic attacks and wake up early to go to work. The heaviness from my eyes and head makes me feel odd and like there is impending death upon me. They get triggered by any physical symptoms that are similar to strokes or heart attacks. I have become afraid of elevators, small rooms, large people, underground stuff, airplanes, roller coasters, and the thought of someone finding me dead in my room. I need some serious help!

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