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+Track 1: Introduction (1:59)

Welcome to Relaxation by Inner Health Studio. I hope you enjoy the relaxation and meditation scripts on this CD.

Before you begin relaxing, here is some important information about relaxation safety and how to relax. To access a copy of these instructions and a free relaxation journal to track your progress, go to Enter the password on the inside cover of your CD case to access this page.

Always use relaxation exercises wisely. Do not watch or listen to relaxation materials while you need to be fully awake and alert (for example, when driving). Obviously this can be dangerous. Please use relaxation sessions only when safe to do so.

Listen to your body when doing relaxation exercises. If any of the relaxation techniques cause you to experience physical or emotional discomfort, stop, ease up, or take a break.

Each individual will have unique ways to relax. The relaxation techniques on this CD are options that you can try. There is no right or wrong way to relax, and no one technique that will work for everyone, so find out which ones work the best for you.

It is important to allow yourself to experience relaxation without trying to make anything happen or trying to force yourself to relax. Try not to worry about whether you are doing the exercises correctly. Just experience whatever it is that occurs, and take note of how you feel before and after listening to the recordings.

You may not feel any different during the relaxation exercises, but be assured that the relaxation response will occur nonetheless. This means that you get all the benefits of relaxation, even if you do not feel any different while you are doing the relaxation exercise.

The benefits of relaxation include:
- Reversing the stress response
- You increase your ability to withstand stress without getting problematic symptoms of stress
- Physical benefits such as decreased oxygen consumption, lowered heart rate, and lower blood pressure
- Less muscle tension
- Other benefits of counteracting the harmful effects of stress, such as a strengthened immune system
- Mental calm and clarity, which can lead to improved learning and memory abilities
- A break from the hassles and stress of day-to-day living
- The enjoyment of relaxing

As you practice relaxation techniques, you will find that you are more quickly and easily able to relax at will. In other words, you will improve your abilities to relax as, with practice, you develop the skill of relaxation.

Each track will provide instructions that guide you to relax. Here are some key points for how to relax:
- Find a comfortable position. If you want to experience the relaxation response, choose a position that will allow you to stay awake, for example, sitting cross-legged or in a firm but comfortable chair. Make sure to select a position that you can maintain comfortably for about half an hour. If you want to fall asleep, you may wish to lie down.
- Maintain a passive attitude. Allowing, not forcing. Observing and accepting. Relax passively, rather than actively trying to relax.
- When your attention wanders, as it will, simply focus back on the relaxation exercise.

If you would like to review the relaxation scripts used for this CD before you listen to the audio, all of the scripts are included in written form at Enter the password from the inside cover of your CD case.

These guided relaxation exercises do not include any background music. This is because each individual will have unique preferences. You can choose to listen to music in the background, or not, to create a relaxation experience that is right for you.

Thank you for purchasing this CD. Enjoy relaxing!

+Track 2: Progressive Relaxation (19:44)

Progressive relaxation is the process of relaxing muscles progressively throughout your body. This script will guide you to use a combination of observing the state of your body, tensing and then relaxing muscles, and passive progressive muscle relaxation.

To begin, find a comfortable position with your back supported. Choose a position that you can maintain for about half an hour, that will allow you to completely relax.

Take a deep breath in.... hold.... and breathe out completely.

Breathe in again.... hold.... now exhale, releasing all the air.

Breathe in.... and out.....

In..... out.....

Continue breathing slowly and deeply. Feel your breathing start to relax your body.

Observe your body now, without trying to change anything. Simply notice how your body feels, with an attitude of curiosity and observation, free from judgment. Simply observe.


Now let's begin to relax your muscles. Start with your right hand. Close this hand into a fist, tightening the muscles of your right hand and forearm. Hold... tighter.... feeling the tension....Breathe in. ... and release. Breathe out. Let the muscles of your right hand and forearm relax. Notice the feeling of relaxation.... and how it differs from tension.

Now make a fist with your left hand, tightening the muscles of your left hand and forearm. Squeeze... tighter.... tighter... breathe in..... and relax. Breathe out. Let all the tension go. Feel how relaxed the muscles of your left hand and forearm are now.

Focus now on your shoulders and upper arms. Bend both arms at the elbow, and tighten the muscles of your upper arms and shoulders. Hold this tension... raising your shoulders up toward your ears... tighter... breathe in as you hold the tension... and relax. Breathe out. Release all the tension, and let the muscles of your arms and shoulders relax. Lower your arms to your sides, and let your shoulders drop into a relaxed position. Feel the difference between tension and relaxation. Feel your shoulders relaxing... easing downward as you let the tension go.

Turn your attention now to your feet. Bend your toes, curling them under and tightening your feet. Breathe in. Hold this tension in your feet.... and relax. Breathe out. Let the tension go, feeling your feet relax.

Point your toes up, toward your knees, tightening the muscles on the front of your lower legs. Hold this tension.... tighter..... breathe in.... and relax. Breathe out. Now point your toes, tensing the muscles on the back of your lower legs. Hold... tighter.... breathe in... holding the tension.... and release. Breathe out. Let all the tension go as you relax your lower legs completely.

Now tense the muscles of your upper legs. Let the muscles on the front, sides, and back of your thighs be tight and tense. Hold the tension... hold.... Breathe in.... and relax. Breathe out. Let your upper legs relax completely.

Focus on the muscles of your face. Raise your eyebrows, tightening your forehead. Hold... hold...Breathe in.... and now relax. Breathe out. Lower your eyebrows so your forehead is relaxed and smooth.

Now clench your teeth together, and press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Tighten your lips and jaws. Breathe in. Hold the tension... and relax. Breathe out. Let your jaw be limp and loose.

Tighten the muscles of your face by squeezing your eyes tightly shut, wrinkling your nose, and tensing your cheeks. Breathe in. Hold the tension in the muscles of your face.... and release. Breathe out. Let the muscles of your face relax.

Now that you have used progressive muscle relaxation for several of the muscles in your body, you can further relax with passive progressive relaxation. This process involves passively relaxing your body, bit by bit, as you lie still.

Recall the difference between tension and relaxation, and notice how you are able to create a feeling of relaxation at will. You can use this ability to increase the relaxation in each part of your body.

As your thoughts wander, you can notice these thoughts and allow them to pass. Keep an attitude of passive observation, not judging or adding to the thoughts that you have, simply noticing, and relaxing.

Begin at your feet. Turn your attention to this area. Just notice your feet right now.... and notice a feeling of relaxation deepening, as your feet become even more relaxed.

Feel the relaxation spreading up to your ankles. Allow your ankles to become limp, loose, and relaxed.

Turn your attention to your lower legs. Notice your lower legs becoming more relaxed as the relaxation increases in this area, without any effort from you. Simply enjoy the feeling of relaxation working its way through your body... calming and relaxing you.

Focus on your knees. Feel the relaxation spreading to your knees. They feel limp, loose, and relaxed.

Notice, now, your upper legs. Feel the relaxation in the front of your upper legs.... the back of your upper legs.... feel the outsides of your legs relaxing, and the insides of your legs becoming relaxed. Feel the relaxation throughout your upper legs. Feeling heavy and relaxed.

Your legs are limp and relaxed. Heavy... relaxed. It is a pleasant, calm sensation.

Allow the relaxation to continue, relaxing your hips and buttocks. Let all the tension go as you relax fully.... allowing your pelvic area to relax... and your stomach.

Let your stomach become fully relaxed.... loose... comfortable.... free from tension.

Turn your attention to your lower back. Let the muscles there give up their hold and relax completely. Feel the relaxation in this area. Heavy and relaxed.

Now notice your sides. Feel the relaxation in your sides.... as they become even more relaxed and loose. Letting go of tension completely.

Focus on your middle back. Feel the muscles letting go as they relax... loose and comfortable. Feel the relaxation..... you are very calm and relaxed.

Turn your attention now to your upper back.... feel your upper back relaxing... letting go.... all the way to your shoulders.

Let your shoulders relax. Allowing the relaxation to fill this area. Feel your shoulders, lowering slightly... as they offer no resistance to gravity... simply loose and relaxed. Comfortable.

Feel the relaxation in your hands and arms... feeling very warm and heavy. Pleasantly relaxed. All the way from your shoulders... to your upper arms, elbows, lower arms, and hands... feel the heaviness of relaxation filling your arms.

Focus now on your chest. Feel the relaxation spreading to your chest... filling your body.... Feel your calm, gentle breathing.... very slow.... very relaxed..... each breath is so relaxed......

Allow your attention to focus now on your neck. Feel the relaxation as it continues, filling this area. Let the muscles of your neck give up their hold... relaxing the front of your neck.... the back of your neck..... the sides of your neck.

Feel the relaxation continuing.... spreading throughout your body.... pleasant, calm, and relaxed.... up to your face and head. Feel the back of your head relaxing. Feel the relaxation in your ears.... your jaws... cheeks.... lips.... chin..... nose.... eyes..... eyebrows... forehead.... all the way to the top of your head.

Your whole body is relaxed now. Relaxed and calm. Heavy. Peaceful. Relaxed.

Observe this feeling of relaxation. Enjoying the relaxation you are experiencing.


You are very deeply relaxed. Notice that the relaxation can become even deeper as you notice your breathing once again. Feel yourself relaxing even more with each breath.

Each breath in is like breathing in relaxation... and each breath out allows you to let go of tension even more.

Breathing in relaxation... and relaxing more as you breathe out....

Continue breathing, noticing your breaths. Taking deep, cleansing breaths. Just notice your breaths, without trying to change anything. Simply relax and notice your breathing.


Observe this state of relaxation closely... memorizing the feeling of relaxation. Know that you can return to this relaxed state at will.


Now that you have completed this relaxation exercise, you can slowly reawaken your mind and body ... gradually becoming more alert.

Notice the environment around you.... becoming more awake and alert

Feel your mind and body reawakening.

Move your muscles a little... wiggle your fingers and toes... feeling your arms and legs wake up. Reawakening your body.

Almost completely awake now...

When you are ready, open your eyes, and sit quietly for a moment while you reawaken fully. When you return to your usual level of alertness and wakefulness, you can return to your usual activities, feeling full of energy and refreshed.

+Track 3: Autogenics (10:41)

Autogenics involves imagining that your limbs are warm and heavy, your heart rate is slow and steady, and your forehead is cool. This process will induce the relaxation response.

Begin by finding a comfortable position, seated or lying down.

Focus completely on your breathing. Let all other thoughts go.

Breathe in…2...3...4... hold…2…3... Exhale…2…3…4...5…Breathe in…2...3...4... hold…2…3... Exhale…2…3…4...5…Breathe in…2...3...4... hold…2…3... Exhale…2…3…4...5…

Focus on just your breathing. There is nothing else you need to be doing at this moment. Nowhere else you need to be. Allow your worries to be released as you simply focus on the present. Breathe.

Breathe in…2...3...4... hold…2…3... Exhale…2…3…4...5…Breathe in…2...3...4... hold…2…3... Exhale…2…3…4...5…Breathe in…2...3...4... hold…2…3... Exhale…2…3…4...5…

Continue the autogenics process by turning your attention to your right hand. Imagine your right hand becoming warm. Starting at the tips of your thumb and fingers, the feeling of warmth spreads to your palm... to the back of your hand... to your wrist...

Your right hand is very warm... Very heavy... Relaxed.

Focus now on your left hand. Feel the feeling of warmth in your left hand… in your thumb and fingers… your palm… the back of your hand... your wrist....

Your left hand is warm, heavy, and relaxed.

Continue the autogenics session, enjoying the relaxation you are experiencing.Notice your right arm becoming heavy and warm. Relaxing into warmth and heaviness… your forearm... elbow... upper arm....

Your whole right arm is warm... Very warm and heavy... The feeling of heaviness is very comfortable and relaxing....

Now turn your attention to your left arm. Feel your left arm warming, relaxing… Your left arm feels warm and heavy. Feel your left forearm... elbow... upper arm relaxing… warming… your entire left arm is heavy and warm… very relaxed.

Turn your attention now to your feet. Notice the feeling of warmth spreading from your right toes… to your right foot… the bottom of your foot… the top of your foot.... your ankle... Your right foot feels very heavy… warmer... heavier.... relaxed.

Feel the warmth beginning in the toes of your left foot. Your left foot is becoming warm… from the bottom of your left foot… to the top... to your ankle… your left foot is warm… heavy... Relaxing...

Both of your feet are pleasantly warm… A relaxed feeling of heaviness... Warmth... And relaxation...

Feel the relaxation moving… growing… your right lower leg becomes warm... Your knee... Your right upper leg... Your right leg is heavy and warm…

Feel your left lower leg warming and relaxing... Your knee… upper leg.... your left leg is warm and heavy...

Both of your legs are completely relaxed...

Repeat the following relaxing statements in your mind, imagining each one:

My right arm is warmMy left arm is warmMy right arm is heavyMy left arm is heavyMy right arm is warm and heavyMy left arm is warm and heavyBoth arms are warm and heavyMy right leg is warmMy right leg is heavyMy left leg is warmMy left leg is heavyBoth legs are warm and heavy

My arms and legs are warmMy arms and legs are heavyMy arms and legs are very warm and very heavy

My heart rate is slow and regularMy heart beat is slowing comfortablyMy forehead is coolMy arms and legs are warm and heavyMy heart beat is slow and steadyMy forehead is coolMy arms and legs are very warm… relaxed...My arms and legs are so heavy and relaxedMy heartbeat is steady... Slow... Relaxed…My forehead is smooth and cool

I am relaxed

I am relaxed


Now it is time to reawaken your body from this autogenics session. Feel your mind becoming more alert.

Wiggle your fingers. Feel your hands and arms reawakening.

Wiggle your toes.

Take a deep breath in as you stretch your arms, reaching high above your head. Exhale and lower your arms.

Open your eyes, and sit quietly for a moment as you become fully alert.When you have returned to your usual level of wakefulness, your autogenics session is complete.

+Track 4: Tropical Paradise (13:47)

It is time to relax. Time to take a mental vacation to a tropical paradise where you can enjoy the beach, nature, and sunshine.

As you start to relax, begin to become aware of your breathing.

Notice each breath as it goes in..... and out.....

See how you can slow the rhythm of your breathing by counting. Breathe in to the count of 4, hold for a count of 3, and exhale to the count of 5.

Breathe in 2, 3, 4... hold 2, 3...exhale 2, 3, 4, 5.Breathe in 2, 3, 4... hold 2, 3...exhale 2, 3, 4, 5.Breathe in 2, 3, 4... hold 2, 3...exhale 2, 3, 4, 5.Breathe in 2, 3, 4... hold 2, 3...exhale 2, 3, 4, 5.

Continue to breathe slowly, smoothly..... relaxing more with each breath.

Feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed.

As your body relaxes... and your mind becomes more calm.... start to create a picture in your mind. Your vacation begins in a tropical jungle, at a waterfall. Hear the water cascading down the rocks into a perfectly clear pool.

Imagine standing next to the pool, admiring the cascade of water coming down from the rocky shelf above.

Trees and vines surround the pool, growing luxuriously in the moist soil around the pool and stream.

Hear the birds around you in the trees. There are many friendly birds and animals in the trees around you.

The air around you is very warm, and the mist from the waterfall feels pleasantly cool on your skin.

Look around you to see the lush vegetation and the wildlife here. Parrots. Toucans. Monkeys. Iguanas. Colorful butterflies. A variety of animals quietly move in the trees, as near or as far away as you are comfortable.

Notice the vegetation here. Trees, vines, flowers. Very lush and green. Notice the fresh smell of the air, with the scent of flowers, trees, and mist.

Imagine the things you can do to relax here in this tropical paradise. You could swim in the pool, even climb to the top of the waterfall and dive into the pool below.

Enjoy relaxing at this jungle waterfall.

Now imagine walking along a path, leading away from the waterfall and pool. Looking ahead, you can see clear blue sky through a break in the trees.

You can see the brilliant blue of the ocean ahead. Hear the waves crashing to shore, though you cannot yet see the waves, only the color of the ocean between the trees.

The path you are walking on is sandy - soft, white sand.

As you walk toward the ocean, you emerge from the jungle onto a sandy area filled with palm trees.

You can see the waves crashing to shore now, washing up on rocks and coral. Each wave that hits the rocks on the shore splashes high into the air.

The air is very clean, and smells of clean ocean water, and sand warmed by the sun.

Walk along the sand, if you like, through the palm trees, parallel to the shore. The waves crash to the shore beside you.

As you walk along the shore line, the rocks and coral become fewer and the waves wash up onto the sand.

Ahead of you is a stretch of white sand.

The sun shines on the water, bringing out a brilliant blue... the brightest blue you have ever seen.

Where the water is shallow, washing onto the sand, it is turquoise blue. Going out from the shore, the water deepens in color to a deep, brilliant sapphire blue.

Imagine walking out along the white sand, down to the edge of the water. Pause for a moment, standing in the hot, white sand, to look out across the water. Further down the beach, rocky cliffs meet the ocean. The waves crash into the rocks, splashing.

A huge, tall rock stands out in the water, like an island.

The sand before you is smooth and white, and very soft. It feels so soft against your feet. Walk toward the water.... until you reach the damp sand where the waves wash up on shore. This damp sand is firm and cool. Enjoy the feeling of coolness on your feet.

The hot sun is shining down.... a cool breeze touches your skin, providing relief from the heat.

Walk along the water's edge.... waves wash up, washing over the tops of your feet, and then receding.

Walk along the water, toward the rocky cliffs, along this pristine white beach. As you approach the cliffs, you see a stand of palm trees, with a hut that has a grass roof. Beside the hut is a hammock, stretching between two palm trees, gently swaying in the breeze.

Approach the hut and hammock, if you want to.... inside the hut are towels... fruit.... and a tall glass of ice water, just for you.

Imagine relaxing at this beautiful place, enjoying the food, water, sunshine, and shade.... the sand and the ocean.... your own tropical paradise. Do whatever it is you would like to do.... enjoying this place....


You are feeling relaxed... a bit tired... imagine how nice it would feel to lie in the hammock. The hammock is in dappled shade... the sun filtering through the leaves of palm trees. Imagine lying in the hammock....

The hammock sways gently....

Look up at the swaying palm leaves.... you can see bits of the blue sky between the leaves.... small clouds floating by....

Rest in the hammock.... relaxing.... the breeze blowing across your skin.... relax....

You are so calm.... so relaxed... peaceful.... relaxed.


Now it is time to leave your picture. Before you reawaken your mind and body, take a moment to remember this tropical paradise, a place you can return to in your imagination when you want to relax.

Slowly return to the present... gradually becoming aware of the sounds around you.... noticing where you are....

Move your muscles a little, allowing your body to reawaken.

Open your eyes, and look around you, taking in your environment as you become more alert.

When you are fully awake and alert you can return to your usual activities, keeping with you a feeling of calm.

+Track 5: One Minute Relaxation (1:01)

Stand up or otherwise change positions.Roll your shoulders forward... and now roll your shoulders back.Clench your hands into fists... hold... and release.Stretch your arms out and stretch your hands wide open, reaching up above your head. Spread your fingers wide. Reach your arms high.Now relax your hands and lower your arms.Lower your shoulders, away from your ears. Ease your shoulders back slightly. Let your shoulders relax.Relax your jaw by dropping the lower jaw slightly. Make sure your teeth aren't touching.Now count silently as you breathe:Inhale... two, three, four...pause...two, three....exhale...two, three, four five....Keep breathing. Change positions one more time, and then get back to your day!

+Track 6: Anxiety Relief Meditation (10:57)

This relaxation exercise uses muscle relaxation, guided imagery, and meditation to help decrease anxiety.

To begin, notice the places in your body that feel most tense. Anxiety can cause tension and several unpleasant physical symptoms. Relaxation can relieve these symptoms.

The very first thing to do is to breathe out, blowing the air out through your mouth, as if you are blowing out a candle.

Go ahead and breathe in when you are done exhaling.

Again, blow out all the air... and see how your lungs refill naturally.

Breathe out again... as if you are breathing out tension, blowing it away. Your lungs naturally refill, allowing you to inhale without any effort.

Breathe slowly, naturally.

Any time that your breathing feels difficult, take a moment to exhale, blowing air through your mouth forcefully to expel the tension. Continue to breathe.

Now let's relax the muscles that tend to become the most tense.

Raise your shoulders toward your ears. Then, let your shoulders relax.... dropping into a comfortable, loose position, and feel yourself sinking into the surface you are on.

Allow your jaw to drop slightly, letting the muscles of your face and jaw become loose and relaxed.

Wiggle your toes once or twice and feel your feet and legs relaxing.

Gently open and close your hands once... and again... and then relax your hands and arms.

Take a deep breath in, feeling the tension in your chest and stomach as you hold that breath...

And allow your chest and stomach to relax as the breath escapes slowly.

Allow the muscles of your back to relax.... from your neck..... to your upper back..... middle back..... lower back..... feeling your whole body relaxing.

Notice any areas of tension in your body, and relax those areas now.

Your body will continue to relax... deeper and deeper.... loose.... heavy.... relaxed.

Now that your body is starting to relax, begin to create an image in your mind.

Imagine that the anxiety you experience is like a cup full of sand.

See yourself pouring the sand out of the cup... into a pile. This pile of sand is the anxiety.

Imagine blowing on the sand.... and seeing some of the sand blow away. The pile is slightly smaller... a barely noticeable amount....

The next breath you exhale also blows away some of the sand.

See the pile of sand becoming ever so slightly smaller with each breath.

With each small bit of sand that blows away, you feel slightly better.

See the sand blowing away.... the pile getting smaller.... smaller....


Imagine that the pile is about half its original size... and now... how are you feeling? You might feel quite calm... relaxed.... even comfortable.... even though there is still some sand there.

See how this remaining sand is a manageable quantity.

What do you do with the sand now? Continue blowing it away, bit by bit? Put it back in the cup, and put it aside? Spread it out, so it is flat and smooth, rather than a pile of sand? You can choose to do with this sand whatever you wish.

You are able to change, remove, or put aside the sand. You may even imagine holding the sand in your hands, and letting it slip away through your fingers....

Imagine doing whatever it is you wish with the remaining sand.


Take a moment now to just relax. Rest. Experience a state of calm. Focus your attention on your breathing for a few moments, repeating the word "relax" with each breath in..... and "relax" with each breath out.

Breathe in... relax

Breathe out.... relax

In... relax

Out.... relax



Continue on your own, focusing on the word "relax."


Take note of how you are feeling in this moment.... accepting however it is that you feel.

The sand that you imagined a few moments ago is like the anxiety you experienced. The cup in your imagination will fill up with sand again... and using your imagination, you are able to manage the sand... decrease it...

Anxiety is the same way. When it rises, you can decrease it... bit by bit.... until you are comfortable...

You do not choose when the anxiety arises... but you have the ability to decrease it when it does.

Whenever you feel anxious, you can accept that you are experiencing anxiety, and then imagine pouring sand out of a cup, and blowing it away..... blowing it away with each breath.


Keep with you a feeling of calm and relaxation as you return now to the present. Feeling calm and relaxed.

Stretch your arms above your head.... feeling your muscles reawaken as you breathe in.... and lower your arms, breathing out.....

Move your body... feeling awareness returning to your arms and legs... the muscles reawakening....

Become more awake and alert... returning your attention to your surroundings.

When you have achieved your usual level of alertness, and are feeling awake, you can resume your regular activities, feeling calm and filled with energy.

+Track 7: Forest Visualization (13:51)

Begin by finding a comfortable position sitting or lying down. Allow your body to begin to relax as you start to create a picture in your mind. Let the forest visualization begin.

Imagine yourself walking on a path through a forest. The path is soft beneath your shoes, a mixture of soil, fallen leaves, pine needles, and moss. As you walk, your body relaxes and your mind clears, more and more with each step you take.

Breathe in the fresh mountain air, filling your lungs completely. Now exhale. Breathe out all the air. Feeling refreshed.

Take another deep breath in...revitalizing.... and breathe out completely, letting your body relax further.

Continue to breathe slowly and deeply as you walk through the forest and continue the forest visualization.

The air is cool, but comfortable. Sun filters through the trees, making a moving dappled pattern on the ground before you.

Listen to the sounds of the forest.... Birds singing. A gentle breeze blowing. The leaves on the trees shift and sway in the soft wind.

Your body relaxes more and more as you walk. Count your steps and breathe in unison with your strides. Breathe in 2, 3, 4... hold 2, 3...exhale 2, 3, 4, 5.

Breathe in 2, 3, 4... hold 2, 3...exhale 2, 3, 4, 5.

Breathe in 2, 3, 4... hold 2, 3...exhale 2, 3, 4, 5.

Continue to breathe like this, slowly and deeply, as you become more and more relaxed.

As you walk through the forest visualization, feel your muscles relaxing and lengthening. As your arms swing in rhythm with your walking, they become loose, relaxed, and limp.

Feel your back relaxing as your spine lengthens and the muscles relax. Feel the tension leaving your body as you admire the scenery around you.

Your legs and lower body relax as well, feeling free and relaxed.

As you continue to walk through the forest visualization, you begin to climb up a slight incline. You easily tread along smooth rocks on the path. Feeling at one with nature.

The breeze continues to blow through the treetops, but you are sheltered on the path, and the air around you is calm.

Small saplings grow at the sides of the path.

Around you is an immense array of greens. Some of the leaves on the trees are a delicate, light green. Some leaves are deep, dark, true forest green.

Many trees have needles that look very soft and very green.The forest floor is thick, green moss.

Tall trees grow on either side of the path. Picture the variety of trees around you. Some have smooth, white bark. Others are darker, with coarse, heavy bark, deeply grooved. Enjoy the colors of the bark on the trees - white, tan, brown, red, black... many combinations of color. You admire the rough, brown bark of pine trees and enjoy the fresh pine scent.

Smell the forest around you. The air is fresh, and filled with the scent of trees, soil, and mountain streams.

Continue the forest visualization...

You can hear the sound of water faintly in the distance. The gentle burbling sound of a creek.

As you continue to walk through the forest, you are gaining elevation and getting closer to the sound of a running stream.

Continue to enjoy the forest around you. Enjoy the forest visualization.

As you near the top of the mountain, you hear the stream, very close now. The path curves up ahead. You can see sunlight streaming onto the path.

As you round the corner, you hear the water, and see a clearing in the trees up ahead. A beautiful look out point awaits.

You are growing tired from your journey. Your body feels pleasantly tired and heavy.

Imagine yourself walking toward the clearing and the stream. Stepping stones make an easy path across the stream and toward the edge of the mountain. Step on each large flat stone to easily cross the small, shallow stream.

Up ahead is a large, smooth rock... like a chair waiting for you to rest. The rock is placed perfectly, high up on this beautiful vantage point.

Sit or lie down on the rock if you wish. It is very comfortable. You feel very comfortable and at ease. The sun shines down on you.

Looking around, you see mountains in the distance. Faint and blue.

You can look down from your vantage point into a valley with trees and a brilliant blue lake. Across from you is another mountain.

The clearing around you is made up of rocks, soil, pine needles, moss, and grass. The grass and mountain wildflowers around you blow gently in the breeze. A deer quietly emerges from the edge of the forest to graze in the clearing. As the deer raises its head to look at you, you can see it's nostrils moving to catch your scent. The deer cautiously walks to the stream to drink before disappearing back into the forest.

Squirrels dart in and out of sight as they romp through the trees, and race across the clearing.

Feel the sun warming your body as you relax on the rock. Enjoy the majestic landscape around you and feel your body relaxing even more.

Your body becomes very warm, and very heavy.

Continue to breathe the clean, fresh air.

You feel so relaxed.


At peace.

In unity with nature around you.

Enjoy the sights....sounds....and smells of the forest around you.

Feel the sun, warm on your skin.

Feel the gentle breeze blow across your cheek.

Listen to the birds singing.

Hear the stream flowing. The leaves rustling in the breeze. Squirrels chattering.

See the flowers, trees, valley, and mountains around you.

Lay back on the comfortable rock, and you can look up to see the blue sky. Small white clouds float gently across the sky. Watch them drift slowly by. Shapes ever changing.

Enjoy this peaceful place.


When you are ready to leave this peaceful place, slowly begin to reawaken your body.

Know that you can return to this forest visualization in your imagination whenever you like.

As you reawaken, keep with you the feeling of calm, peace, and relaxation.

Wiggle your fingers and toes to wake up your muscles.

Shrug your shoulders. Stretch if you want to.

When you are ready, open your eyes and return to full wakefulness, feeling alert and refreshed.


Music by Kevin MacLeod,

The following samples were used from

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