Calm Energy

by Celia
(Boston, MA)

One problems that I have is that I associate anxiety with energy and relaxation with slowness/sleepiness.

I was reading on the WebMD website about tense energy vs. calm energy. Tense energy (which I think I experience alot of) gets you going but in the end you crash and get tired. In general, I have becoming more aware that anxiety makes one tired.

Calm energy is what is sounds like-calm energy. It is more sustainable than tense energy. I have started Yoga and alot of their positions are supposed to give you a calm energy.
Deep breathing I find energizing (not relaxing per se) but perhaps on some psychological level I associate calm as being sleepy not energized.

I recently went up on anti-anxiety medicine. At first it made me tired. However, when I adjusted to the medication I stated to feel more energized and like doing more things. (The medication still is being adjusted-so the final result is still unclear). At first I thought I might be suffering from some slight depression (which lowers energy) which is why the increased dosage of medication might be energizing. However, the physician thought I might have more energy from being more relaxed.

It helps me in my search for relaxation to focus on calm energy because I think on some levels I think of my anxiety as being "helpful" because it is energizing (my mother who is anxious sees anxiety as energizing rather than counterproductive).

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