Body awareness audio - not autogenic or progressive muscle

Hi Candi,

Before my query, I would like to thank you for your website and associated recordings.

My ability to relax has been directly influenced by your generosity. My gratitude to you is immense...

With that said, to help me move further on this journey, I was looking for a relaxation script that tours the body in some detail.

I know you have something like this on the site, but rather than making areas warm, or tense/release, I want to plainly direct my thoughts to the area.

Do you have an audio script like this that I could purchase?

Emjoy your day,


Hello Chris,

Thank you - it is nice to hear that you enjoy the recordings.

I am planning on putting together body awareness/body scan audio that may be close to what you are looking for. When it becomes available I will post it on the Relaxation by Inner Health Studio Podcast.

Meanwhile, the following relaxation scripts contain a body scan component:

Body Scan Sleep Relaxation

Protective Light Visualization

Body Image Relaxation

Generalized Anxiety Relaxation

Relaxation for Depersonalization



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Apr 12, 2012
Audio versions?
by: Anonymous

HI Candi, Thanks for your reply, it is appreciated. Looking forward to your release of this new audio script!!!

Can you let me know if the scripts you link to below are available as audio?

Have a great day,


Apr 13, 2012
Audio Downloads with Body Scan Exercise
by: Anonymous

Yes, those scripts are available as audio downloads in my Relaxation and Self Help Store. I will email you some links to download the audio for free - you can expect the email tomorrow.


Oct 27, 2012
Body Scan Relaxation
by: Anonymous

Here is a new Body Scan Relaxation Script:

Body Scan

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