Black Out

I can't remember it very well, You almost black out and the only thoughts in your head are:
1. I'm in danger!
2. I NEED to get OUT of HERE!
3. I'm not safe, something's going to get me!
The whole time you're talking to yourself, and you're running around, pacing around; you're frantic. You don't know what's going on, you just know that you need to go somewhere other than where you are. For me, I was staying afterschool, and my friends took me to a practice room in the band room to talk about my anxiety. They'd all noticed I wasn't normal. Well, somewhere in the middle of that, I started staring off at the door, and then (as my friends tell me) my breathing got loads faster and suddenly I was out the door, and everyone was trying to catch me. Then, somehow, I lost them and I ran into the auditorium and hid in the darkness behind a door that only opened from my side. I waited there, getting my breathing steady, until someone found me, and I objected at first, but they got me to open up, and we wrote notes (on his phone) until I regained the ability to speak...

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