Autogenics vs. Meditation

by Celia
(Boston, MA)

As I have previously written I have found autogenics quite helpful. It has been successful in generating a feeling of warmth and heaviness and I think it slows my mind down.

I have been doing autogenics as a prelude to five to ten minutes of meditation. I find meditation more difficult. I read The Relaxation Response by H. Benson, where it states there are many ways to to get to the relaxation response and autogenics was quite effective in inducing the relaxation response.

Since I find autogenics more calming the meditation I was wondering if perhaps it made sense to try to lengthen my autogenics sessions to about ten minutes and drop the meditation. In short use autogenics not meditation to get to the relaxation response.

FYI-this is where I find time management important in relaxation. I try different techniques but I have focus on the ones that are most effective. Otherwise I could spend all day on relaxation techniques.

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