Autogenic Suggestions Ideas

by Bill Halliday

Today, in my Relaxation Class at the V.A., I found an Autogenic Suggestion to help me with my Panic Attack. It is "I am alert and creative". WOW! it relaxed me enough to lower my blood pressure to 136/75 when it had meen running around 147+/90+. Nice. I refined it to "I am relaxed, alert and creative" I think that will work as well.

I have another area that I need an Autogenic Suggestion.

I have a problem with fatigue and unwillingness to exercise or clean the house. The idea of stooping or binding over causes mental and muscular fatigue. Looking at the mess in the house, garage and yard causes me mental fatigue and I simply don't do anything.

If anyone has any suggestions for Autogenic Suggestions that may help me with these problems, I would like to hear them?

Good question! Maybe this "Relaxation for Overcoming Procrastination" will help. The suggestions in this script might be the type you are looking for.

I like the "I am alert and creative" suggestion. What a good idea.

Anyone else who has ideas - please post them in the comments section below!


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Oct 22, 2012
I panic over housework too
by: Anonymous

I panic over house work also. I feel I don't have time to do it properly. As I have learne3d to relax, I just now say things will get done when they get done.

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