Are You Serious!!!!

by Autumn
(New London, WI)

Friday, 1/8/2016
Well went to school and at 8:30 apparently. I had a panic attack. Symptoms:Shortness of breath, heart throbs on top, feet and hands tingle, Weak, felt like I consumed laughing gas where you can't figure out if you're asleep or awake, tired, shaking, and dizzy. 10:48 same. 12:55 same. 1:30 Shortness of breath, heart throbs on top, feet and hands tingle. and tired. It is now 7:43 and it feels like a stuck pill in my throat, Shortness of breath, heart throbs on top, feet, hands, and nose tingle, and left cheek is numb. It is getting worse. I kept on reading many articles saying they only last a hour or two. APPARENTLY NOT! I have had a panic attack for 2 years and the doctor keeps saying "It is normal and your perfectly fine". The hell I am. Breathing normal does not land you on your arse (Butt). They miss the really easy stuff now a days it just gets frustrating no one gives you a straight answer anymore. They just think your being too dramatic or something and tell you something else or that you don't have it.

Wednesday 12/23/2015
I could not even speak right. Have you ever heard a severely dehydrated person speak. The-they-the-they tal-talk like this. Where there studding and can't make out a single word they are saying.

I am 16 years old a Junior in high school who plays soccer.

This can not keep happening.

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