Are Health and Medical Problems Related to Stress and Anxiety?

by Amanda
(United states)

I am 21 years old and the last years i have been really stressed about things in my life. My doc told me i am depressed and i have anxiety. I am having health problems for instance i cant have a normal life because i always have to use the bathroom my "poop" is yellow and always runny, and i want to know if stress and anxiety causes this also i want help finding a ways to not let things get to me or make me feel overwhelmed so i can have a normal life. please help me

Health problems are so frustrating. Stress and anxiety can worsen existing problems, even if the problems have other causes. I cannot say whether stress or anxiety could be the cause of your health problems, but certainly they can contribute to the symptoms.

It is important to have a medical evaluation to determine if stress or anxiety are causing medical problems or if other causes are present. It is also important to reduce anxiety and stress as much as possible because this will help your body heal and keep from worsening existing medical conditions.

I recommend you seek support for dealing with this. It makes such a difference to talk through what you are dealing with. You could seek out a counselor, clergy or spiritual support person, therapist, support group...there are many options available. If you aren't sure where to start, ask your medical doctor. Your doctor may be able to recommend someone or refer you to a mental health professional. You can also check out local mental health clinics, churches, and medical centres to find mental health support.

Know that you are not alone in dealing with medical problems, depression, and anxiety. Many others are going through or have been through these types of challenges. You can get through it! The fact that you posted here shows that you are looking for answers and taking charge of your own health. Keep it up and I am confident you will make positive changes and begin feeling better.

You may find this Healing Relaxation script helpful for relaxing and visualizing your body getting well.

Healing Relaxation - click here to play audio

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