anonymous and scared

by Nat

Well, I'm quite young. I'm in high school and I can honestly say I'm stressed out to try and be somewhat perfect.

I had a project due and it wasn't working so I walked home to fix the project during lunch and hurried back to school. Everything was fine. The project was saved!

That's when it hit. I couldn't stop shaking. I had worried myself sick. I had to sit down at that time because I was very light headed and I couldn't see straight. My friend walked up to me and ask if I was okay but when I tried saying I was fine, I couldn't breathe. It was like a choking gasp. Obviously my friend freaked out which didn't help but eventually she calmed herself down and was able to get me a teacher.

Sadly, I don't like talking about my problems and lately, I was having a lot of them so I knew why I was having a panic attack. I tried explaining to the teacher what was happening but with no luck because I was scared. And I cried which doesn't help either. My panic attack lasted a half hour. I couldn't breathe normally, had to miss half a class, had a pounding headache and still couldn't calm down.

The only way I snapped out of it was when a teacher told me, make a list of things that are bothering you. That idea calmed me down. And so I went on my normal life... at least until panic attack number two. But that's another story.

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Dec 07, 2010
Panic Attacks are Frightening
by: Candi

Panic attacks are so scary! Yours sounds like it was really upsetting.

I notice that you are aware of the link between your tendencies to be a perfectionist and the anxiety you experience. Trying to be perfect is a common cause of anxiety.

It is interesting that the idea of making a list of the things that were bothering you allowed you to experience some relief. It's like all the problems were boiling up inside, causing anxiety and panic.

Thank you for sharing your story - it's one that many people can relate to. I hope you find an effective outlet for stress; it's not any fun having anxiety.


Dec 13, 2010
hard to get help
by: Anonymous

Hi-this is harder to do in high school. I can relate to being in high school and needing professional help but having a hard time finding it.

I think for adults the treatment that is recommended for panic attacks in medication and therapy.

Is there a school psychologist or counselor that you might speak with or a physician who could talk to your parents about the treatments for panic attacks?

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