Am I dying?

My first panic attack. -Nearly a week ago I was relaxing outside my house with a friend. I come inside the house, and immediately start feeling nauseous. A tingling sensation runs over my entire body and I start feeling dizzy as if I will pass out at any moment. My hands are tingling and I can't feel myself touching anything.

I start looking around frantically, confused, and feeling completely out of control of my mind. I can't think clearly, and don't even remember my friend being outside. I truly thought that I was going insane. Immediately a sense of doom ran through my body. I felt like I was in a dream state, imagining that I was not really in my house, and I had been killed, or was dying. Pleading with myself to make this feeling stop.

I start gasping for air, and I know that something is seriously wrong. I manage to reach for the phone, and dial 911, pleading for someone to help, but I can't say what is wrong. I was gasping so hard that I could not talk. My left side of my chest starts hurting, and I believe I will die any second. I run out the front of my house, trying to escape, still confused, looking for someone to help me, but no one is there.

I stumble back into my house, as my friend enters from the back. I slowly begin to come back to earth, and the confusion subsides within the next half hour. It was the scariest moment of my life, and because I had never had a panic attack before, I had no clue what was going on. -only adding to the feeling of doom. Hopefully it will have been my first, and my last.

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