Am I dying?

by Trevor

I was still fairly new to panic attacks, even though I knew they were what I was experiencing. I was sitting on the bench at WalMart waiting for my perception to be filled, I could already feel the anxiety coming on when I was heading there, but I didn't think it would turn into a panic attack. The pressure in my chest was slowly getting stronger, so I started some breathing techniques, I had closed my eyes. And then the headache set in, no pain, but a constant cloudy feeling. I knew at this point that it was going to happen.

I went up to the pharmacists counter, the fifteen minute wait was finished 15 minutes ago, I was ready to get out of there now. The pharmacist told me they still weren't ready. This led to increased anxiety, at this point I didn't feel my chest anymore, because the cloudy feeling in my head turned into a strong heat. almost like my head was being cracked open with a red hot fire poker. This sensation was entirely new and scared me very much. it led to me breaking out into a sweat, which has also never happened until then. My patience with the pharmacy was wearing thin. After 45 minutes they call me up to collect my medication. As I stand I feel a wave of confusion and dizziness hit me. My head was pounding, I felt like I was on fire. it took all of the strength and resolve that I had to collect my prescriptions and leave. At that point I had never experienced a panic attack so intense.

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