by AnxiousWarrior
(New York)

Had panic attacks and depression for the past few months...Went to the ER a few times but nothing came up...Long story short one night I was sleeping I woke up about an hour later...Felt my heart going insane!

I got up went to the kitchen and as I was walking to the kitchen the lights starting looking like it was getting dim I began to panic thinking I was about to black out..By now its HEART ATTACK! (In my mind) I was shaking crazy!

I told my mom to check my pulse and it was going faster than ever! 124 bpm! I panicked more! I ran to my sister room and barged in screaming call 911!

They said it was a panic attack I told them it was different...Now my throat starts closing up and again the lights looked like they were getting dimmer! legs weak I started to buckle!

I had water in my hand I threw the water across the kitchen screaming "I cant breathe" heart racing hands shaking, legs shaking, eye blinking, muscles tight....Finally my sister got me to calm down the panic lasted 20-30 minutes..I was trying to run out the house I was scared out of my mind! Worse one ever!

2 hours later I end up in the ER again my heart racing...They said it was anxiety and put me in the behavioral unit for a few hours...that's when I realized I wasn't crazy after all....Seeing the other people gave me a reassurance that I wasn't crazy...I really pray for them...It was a terrible experience in there I wanted to leave...they gave me 2 ativan and a few hours later I left...I'm not seeing a therapist and psychiatrist...Im still struggling with depression and derealization/depersonalization but the panic attacks subsided since that day.

This was 4 weeks ago I had one today but I took an ativan and it passed through....I'm fighting day by day with this anxiety disorder and just praying I will be fine soon since last week I started Zoloft...It takes awhile to kick in...Although I have the meds I will still use my skills so when its time to get off the meds I can control my anxiety myself and not let the meds do all the work for me....

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