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Use this coping skills advice form to post a tip or ask questions about relaxation and coping with stress.

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Coping Questions and Answers From Other Visitors

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Life is a lesson, in light. I'm greatful to be in it. I'm just happy to be in it. Life is a lesson, through the brightness and darkness. I'm greatful …

Quick Tips for a Happy Eva Tortora 
1. design your life! keep a journal! write everything down that you want! watch it manifest! thats the best tip i can give! love, EVA

A note on losing weight by Eva Tortora 
I'm losing the weight slow, but I love myself for letting go .......................................................... Namaste EVA TORTORA

A joyful moment 
I recently got a beautiful red shawl. I'm so greatful! Winter here I come. So many reasons to be greatful. Enjoy~! *

What do you do for anxiety? Eva Tortora 
I change something......some days I wear jewlery or a scarf.....some days a little makeup. less, or more................... I take naps, I sing …

Anxiety, stress and Eva Tortora 
Everything seemed so strange yesterday....I curled up and took a nap! What a difference a nap makes! I have beautiful blankets....beautiful, …

Sometimes moments just seem to work.....Eva Tortora 
Certain moments....are pure sunshine When I'm not feeling anxious, I am so happy to be here. Cheers to a perfect moment Goodbye anxiety! hello …

Eliminating stress and anxiety....Eva Tortora 
The only things that works for me is calling people including a prayer line once and a while writing can help i feel a tad bit of anxiety now actually! …

ANxiety coping methods....Eva Tortora 
What do ya do....when ya feel anxious????? I pray, write, call everyone that i ever knew i draw paint try on clothes thats always fun....trying …

Eliminating stress by Eva Tortora 
I write "stress" on a huge piece of paper then draw a line through it! I go hiking, get some excersise! I eat my favorite foods, drink my favorite …

Finding the calm within....Eva Tortora 
I do a lot of nature fills my spirit! Find what works within you....and watch it manifest. Love yourself and your world. create …

Calm....amid storms....Eva Tortora 
A snow filled day is the best day to find the stillness within and work on yourself. I'll be doing that today. Wish me luck! EVA TORTORA

Every side of wellness~ Eva Tortora. 
I could put all these little notes into a book! :) There are many sides to wellness. It depends on the person. Feel confident that you do what …

GIve yourself the gift of health....Eva Tortora 
I enjoy life! I enjoy sunshine and fresh air I enjoy everything life has to offer the good the bad the charming the ugly every moment is …

how to get rid of anxiety 
hi, iam from sam from india. i suffer anxiety to a every high degree in daily life. do lot of self talk also. as result my BP(145/90) is high and …

anxiety- a useful tool 
think of it this way: without the dark, there can't be light. When I feel anxiety I usually change an important situation. Sometimes buying food …

Excessive Worry- doesn't help much at all. 
I just read the best article. Do you ever do that? Scan certain articles? I can only scan them, due to lack of concentration, but I learn so much …

Handlin' anxiety.....not an easy task 
I just make a run for it. ha! Anxiety is the most frightening thing. I call everyone I know. I write/pray I pray a lot and write a lot too …

Everyday anxiety.......EVA TORTORA 
HIIIIIII! Don't you just like HATE anxiety???? Isn't it so wierd? There is NO way, at the point that I'm experiencing anxiety, that I can just "Deep …


Public Speaking Anxiety 
When i am in fear (fear to speak before people) my face muscles being tight, specially upper lips muscles, and then I can not speak. Please help me and …

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