7 years later

by Jesse N.

I had my first attack in 2008, I was 28. Successful, 2 kids , house....the American Dream. I was driving to a town about 20 miles from work. On the way there my legs and feet started tingling, then the heavy breathing. As I pulled into the gas station I thought to myself, " I just need to splash water on my face". As I stepped out of the truck I collapsed. Heart beating out of control, dizzy. Couldn't feel my finger tips. Ended up taking a trip in th Ambulance to the hospital only to find everything is ok. Just anxiety. Over the years I be been on multiple meds and had several panick attacks but have been able to manage them. Until last night. On my way home same thing, losing vision heavy breathing , feel

Like everything was sideways. Ambulance came. Popped a Xanax. 30 min later it's gone. Still haven't figured this out, I can manage it for the most part. But it seems like an endless struggle.........

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