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Testimonials About Inner Health Studio

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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Candi is THE BEST!!!! 
Candi has a special gift for seeing beyond the surface and communicating with the sub-conscience mind. Listen to her every day and watch how you learn …

When Anxiety Consumes You 
I heard from a friend about Inner Health Studio. I was suffering from anxiety and had just read When Panic Attacks by David Burns and loved the stuff. …

This site is awesome!!!!! 
Miss Candi, This entire site is incredible. I am glad I get to write about it. If this was live, you would not be able to hear my enthusiasm since I …

THank you inner health studio....Eva Tortora 
everyday is a miracle a joy to the heart keep up the good work EVA TORTORA

Amazing Podcast! 
Inner Health Studio has helped cure my insomnia. Thank you so much for what you do and have done. Your voice is adorable by the way. I can't thank you …

Relaxation to Deal with Flashbacks 
Dear Candi, I am writing to thank you for the podcast episode about dealing with flashbacks. I've been struggling with some hurtful memories which caused …

Behaviour Therapist 
Dear Candi, Thank you so much for this website and the resources you have put together and so generously offered, many for free! I have downloaded your …

Thankyou for the podcasts 
I have to say that i suffer from clinical depression and anxiety, i found your podcasts by "accident" and i have found them so helpful, i wish i could …

My input for Inner Health Studio. 
I just would like to say that you provide brilliant material for meditaion and relaxation. I love your scripts and I use them for my self as well as for …

Easy Visualization Scripts for Meditation Groups 
I have found your Visualizations scripts great. I have just started to run a meditation group (much needed) and find your free scripts down to earth and …

Primary resource provided to clients! 
I am a Mental Health Counselor at a university counseling center. I have been using for guided imagery scripts to use during session, …

Inner Health Studio is an Informative Relaxation Website 
Hello Candi, Thanks for your informative and generous site. I'm using this information for personal issues and my Wellness Coach project. …

Your site is incredible! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your website! I am in the process of being diagnosed with Cushings disease. The hormone fluctuations cause anxiety …

Useful Relaxation Resources for Teens 
What a great site full of useful resources. I have recommended some of my teenage clients use it, the guided relaxation techniques are great. Thank you …

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and was so excited to come across this website and all of the amazing resources! I use the scripts in session …

Beautiful Relaxation Scripts 
Hi Candi! I have just read your beautiful scripts which can be likened to an 'emotional soothing balm.' You are obviously extremely knowledgeable but what …

The podcasts have literally gotten me through so many tough times and let me get to sleep when it seemed absolutely impossible, so thank you Candi!!!!!!! …

This podcast has helped me to lower my sleep medication 
Not only am I less stressed during the day, but I take one-quarter of the sleep medication that I used to because of this Relaxation by Inner Health Studio …

Great Source of Support 
I always keep a selection of these podcasts on my iPod, to help me relax and get to sleep. I love the fact that there is such a variety, so I don't get …

Two words: THANK YOU!!!! zzzzz zzzzzz...... :-D

Thank You 
I run two small yoga/meditation groups for adults with developmental disabilities and have found your guided meditation scripts to be incredibly successful …

Thank you! 
Candi, I've found your podcasts invaluable while I'm going through a difficult time. I've been using these to calm my thoughts and help me to sleep. …

Excellent Resource 
I'm a social worker and always looking for good solid tools to use with my clients. I appreciate the clear and easy way you instruct and educate while …

Excellent Job 
Candi, you are doing excellent job bringing to the people knowledge and ideas on self growth and better health. I wish you all the best in all your …

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Great Stuff 
I'm a big fan of these scripts, especially to listen to it on an Ipod. I keep it next to my bed and listen to it every morning and when I go to bed. I …

Overcoming fear of the dark podcast 
Candi, I can't thank you enough, I emailed the site early Jan as I had lost my Headache relief podcast and needed it re posted on iTunes and asked if …

Marvellous page!! 
Candi: I am from Spain and my written english is not very good; anyway, I must say that yoor page is simply marvellous and for me has been very helpfull. …

An Awesome Site With So Many Possibilities 
I seldom use the word AWESOME outside of using it to describe how I feel about God. As a Christian, there are certain words I like to retain for Him alone. …

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