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Relaxation is a valuable tool that can allow you to feel more calm, more easily withstand stress, and to improve your mental and physical health. Relaxation is enjoyable, too! Here in the Relaxation and Stress Self Help Store you can find relaxation MP3 downloads and other products to relieve stress.

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Looking for past episodes of the Relaxation by Inner Health Studio Podcast? You have come to the right place. Relaxation scripts are sorted alphabetically by title on this page for purchase. Many of the episodes are also available for free on the relaxation downloads pages.

If you find the relaxation downloads helpful, you can save some of the audio files for free to your computer from the Members Only site. At least 4 downloads are available on the Members Only site and are updated periodically.

Words to Relax

Words to Relax: Relaxation Scripts for Personal Growth and Stress Relief by Candi Raudebaugh.

Features more than 50 unique scripts, plus mix and match induction, body, and conclusion elements to create hundreds of customized relaxation scripts. Includes visualization, guided imagery, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and more.

Buy now for $35.95

Relaxation CDs

Guided Relaxation Scripts: Experience variety of relaxation techniques including progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, guided imagery, autogenics, and meditation.

Buy Now: Guided Relaxation Scripts for $15.95
or Guided Relaxation Scripts with Music for $16.95

Relaxation to Cure Insomnia: Fall asleep quickly and easily with calming guided relaxation. These scripts specifically target and eliminate insomnia, including difficulty falling asleep, worrying about falling asleep, problems getting back to sleep in the middle of the night, and nightmares.

Buy Now for $16.95

Learn to Relax

Do you want to learn how to relax? Relaxation downloads are a good starting point. If you would like more information and instruction about how relaxation works and how to do specific techniques, you can get even more information by taking my online class, “Learn to Relax.”

This class is taken over the internet, with no time limit, so you can do each module at your own pace.

More details...

Relaxation Downloads - MP3 Albums

To purchase albums of MP3 downloads, click "add to cart." If you want to add additional relaxation albums to your cart, click the "x" to close the shopping cart and return to this page. Select "add to cart" for the additional title(s) you want to purchase. When you are ready to check out, select "view cart" and press "checkout" to proceed.

Guided Meditation MP3 Album

Improve your meditation skills to learn to quickly and easily relax with mental focus. Achieve better concentration and memory, be generally more calm, and reverse the harmful effects of stress with regular meditation practice. Includes the following relaxation MP3 downloads:

  • Beginner's Breathing Meditation
  • Breathing Awareness Meditation
  • Counting Meditation
  • Spiritual Meditation
  • Candle Visualization Relaxation

Price: $12 USD

Biofeedback MP3 Album

Learn to control physical responses that are usually automatic, like heart rate and hand temperature. Develop the skill to quickly relax by becoming more in tune with your body and more in control of your physiology. Includes the following tracks:

  • Autogenics
  • Biofeedback Therapy Relaxation
  • Autogenic Relaxation
  • Warm Autogenic Relaxation Script

Price: $10 USD

Anxiety and Panic Attacks MP3 Album

Deal with anxiety and panic attacks by learning ways to cope with anxious feelings. Follow along with the audio to get through a panic attack and learn ways to be more calm and relaxed. With practice, you will learn the skills to relax your body and mind and decrease episodes of panic and anxiety. Includes the following relaxation MP3 downloads:

  • Generalized Anxiety Relaxation
  • Relaxation to Relieve Anxiety
  • Overcoming Panic Attacks
  • Relaxation for Coping with Panic
  • Relaxation for Obsessive Thoughts

Price: $12 USD

Healing and Pain Relief MP3 Album

Relaxation to stimulate physical and emotional healing and relieve pain naturally and effectively. Relaxation is proven to improve health, enhance the immune system, and help with healing. Includes the following relaxation MP3 downloads:

  • Healing Relaxation
  • Relaxation for Dealing with Chronic Illness
  • Relaxation for Headache Relief
  • Relaxation for Pain Relief

Price: $10 USD

Increase Confidence MP3 Album

Become more self confident by increasing self-esteem, improving body image, and overcoming shyness and public speaking anxiety. A powerful combination of exercises that can significantly increase your confidence. Expect to see results quickly if you listen to the exercises often.

  • Overcoming Shyness
  • Relaxation for Positive Self Image
  • Affirmations for Self-Esteem
  • Body Image Relaxation
  • Self-Esteem Relaxation

Price: $12 USD

Dealing with Anger MP3 Album

Effective tools to deal with anger and express anger in honest, healthy ways. Learn techniques to relax quickly, reduce jaw clenching and other anger symptoms, and create a peaceful place in your mind. Train your body to relax instantly by conditioning the relaxation response to be triggered by simply squeezing your thumb. A few weeks of practice will result in a happier, calmer you.

  • Relaxation to Deal with Anger
  • Quick and Easy Relaxation
  • Anchoring Relaxation
  • Peaceful Place
  • Relaxation to Decrease Jaw Clenching

Price: $12 USD

Mental Vacations MP3 Album

Do you love to imagine beautiful, peaceful, relaxing places? This album is for you. Featuring nine unique relaxing retreats, these visualization scripts take you on tranquil mental vacations to get away from the worries and stress of everyday life. Create a feeling of peace and calm and take a vacation without having to physically go anywhere. Includes the following relaxation MP3 downloads:

  • Beach Visualization Relaxation
  • Floating on a Cloud
  • Hot Springs Relaxation
  • Peaceful Meadow
  • Peaceful Place
  • Peaceful Waves Relaxation
  • Starry Sky
  • Summer Clouds Visualization
  • Wildlife Sanctuary

Price: $22 USD

Relaxation for Expecting Mothers MP3 Album

If you have a baby on the way, relaxation can help you to maintain a sense of calm and to promote good health for you and the baby. Be prepared for the upcoming child birth by learning the techniques you need to relax quickly and easily. Learn how to feel calm and peaceful by imagining a peaceful place or imagining surrounding your body with soothing, protective light. Includes the following relaxation MP3 downloads:

  • Relaxation During Pregnancy
  • Anchoring Relaxation
  • Peaceful Place
  • Sleep Relaxation

Price: $10 USD

Progressive Muscle Relaxation MP3 Album

Relaxation techniques that reduce muscle tension and result in deep muscle relaxation. A variety of progressive muscle relaxation techniques teach you to relax your muscles and learn how to condition your body to relax instantly. Relax all the muscles in your body from head to toe with the following relaxation MP3 downloads:

  • Anchoring Relaxation
  • Cue Words Relaxation
  • Passive Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation with Keywords

Price: $12 USD

Relaxation Downloads - Individual MP3s

Relaxation scripts are available for $3 USD from the Relaxation MP3 Store.

For more details about each of these scripts, see the Relaxation Products page.

More relaxation audio that you can play for free from your web browser:

Not sure where to find the download you are looking for? You can search this site or see a complete list of relaxation scripts on the site map.

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Relaxation Audio

MP3 Downloads are only $3 each!

Affirmations for Self-Esteem
Breathing Awareness Meditation
Breathing Relaxation for Children
Generalized Anxiety Relaxation
Peaceful Place
Relaxation for Dealing with Chemotherapy Stretch and Relax

Featured Album

Guided Meditation MP3 Album
Beginner's Breathing Meditation
Breathing Awareness Meditation
Counting Meditation
Spiritual Meditation
Candle Visualization Relaxation
Price: $12 USD

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