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Our free relaxation podcast can allow you to access new relaxation downloads automatically. This page contains information on what podcasts are, and how to create your own.

If you are already familiar with podcasting, you may want to proceed to these pages:

Ask Inner Health Studio Podcast Have you ever wondered what "relaxation" actually is, or how it works? Would you like to develop an awareness of your own stress response and relaxation preferences? Check out the series, "Learn to Relax" on Ask Inner Health Studio. This is a relaxation advice podcast featuring listener Q&A about relaxation, stress management, coping skills, and living a satisfying life.

Relaxation by Inner Health Studio Podcast Relaxation by Inner Health Studio is a podcast for relaxation audio, including techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, guided imagery, autogenics, sleep relaxation, and more. Featuring a new relaxation download each week.

If you are not familiar with podcasting, read on...

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is "an episodic program delivered via the Internet..." It can consist of audio, video, documents, or a combination of these (from Apple's FAQs for Podcast Fans).

In other words, a podcast is a broadcast of audio, video, or written information over the internet.

Media is distributed via a feed, which organizes content into podcast format.

You can subscribe using a podcatcher (the software that allows you to subscribe to a feed and download content automatically), such as iTunes or PodcastPickle.

For example, Inner Health Studio's weekly relaxation podcast, entitled Relaxation by Inner Health Studio, is distributed via Feedburner. Once a week, a new relaxation script becomes available in audio (and sometimes video) format. If you subscribe to this relaxation podcast in iTunes, new episodes will download automatically into your iTunes library every week.

How Can I Make My Own Podcast?

Here's how to make your own podcast for free.

First (just need to do this once):
- start a blog in Blogger
- open a free file hosting account at
- burn a feed at based on the blog (this makes media file enclosures for podcasts and makes the blog posts into a feed that people can subscribe to)
- in feedburner, add all of the podcast information (title, general description, logo, etc)
- submit the feed to iTunes, PodcastPickle, and other podcast directories (do this once you have some episodes). This allows potential listeners to find your podcast.

For each episode:
- save the audio or video file to and via spinXpress (the link explains how to do this).
- copy the link to the file from, and compose a new blogger post that includes the link. The text in your post works as the description for the episode.

If you have questions about how to create your own podcast, please feel free to contact me.

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