Free Relaxation Audio: A Variety of Relaxation Styles

These free relaxation audio downloads cover a variety of different styles of relaxation.

A variety of relaxation techniques are available as free relaxation downloads here. Free audio and video scripts can be played directly in your internet browser for your convenience. To save relaxation audio to your computer, visit the Members Only Relaxation Downloads page.

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Please Note:

Use relaxation videos and audio wisely. Do not watch or listen to relaxation materials while you need to be fully awake and alert (for example, when driving). Obviously this can be dangerous. Please use relaxation sessions only when safe to do so.

************************************************************** Learn to relax or find your relaxation style with these audio recordings:

Relaxation to Relieve Anxiety

This relaxation session will help you to relieve anxiety quickly and easily. Relaxation is a natural anxiety cure that will allow you to gain control over some of your body's automatic responses. These easy relaxation techniques can be used any time, any place, to relieve anxiety and reduce stress.

Passive Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This free passive progressive muscle relaxation script guides you to relax each part of your body from head to feet.

Quick Relaxation: Deep Breathing

This relaxation audio explains why and how to use counting to slow your breathing.

Sleep Relaxation

This sleep relaxation audio guides you to calm your mind and drift into healthy, deep sleep.

30-Second Quick Relaxation

This quick relaxation script will describe how to relax even though you are busy. After a short intro, the relaxation takes only 30 seconds.

Autogenic Relaxation

This Autogenic Relaxation guides you to relax each part of your body by imagining that it is warm and heavy. Visualization is used to picture various pleasant sources of warmth.

Calming Color Relaxation Visualization

This calming color relaxation script allows you to relax with visualization by imagining each color of the rainbow.

Floating on a Cloud

This relaxation script is a calming visualization that will guide you to imagine floating on a cloud.

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